Wednesday, April 7, 2010

shopping for a 2nd birthday

so... i've been giving myself a bit of retail therapy of late, it's amazing how good a spot of shopping can make you feel and i have had the perfect reason to go shopping (because yes, apparently these days i actually need a reason to). our little froggy is turning 2 next month. having summer turning 2 reminds me of the feeling i had when i turned 30. it just sounds like a whole lotta old! i feel like on the day of her birthday she will no longer be my baby and she will be a big girl. just like that. overnight. you hear it from everyone all the time... they just grow up too quickly!

the first place i like to go shopping at is little pinwheel. two reasons why - one is that i have formed an amazing friendship with the owner, hayley, and two is because hayley stocks awesome brands and when summer isn't wearing something from our shop, it's more than likely going to be something from little pinwheel. the first 4 items above are from little pinwheel and they are 1. an awesome book 2. cocoon couture bean bag 3. chalk n cheese ploughman's blouse 4. polka mod pod dress. i am still humming and harring on whether to have a rainbow party to celebrate the event, and if i do decide on it, i think i'll definately be grabbing the nellystella candy stripe playsuit, i just love it!

today is little pinwheel's 1st birthday and celebrations are happening left right and centre for it, including a 15% discount at their online shop. all you have to do is enter 'LPWparty' in at their checkout to receive your discount. and... if you subscribe to little pinwheel's newsletter, you'll also find out how you can win a share of over $500 worth of products. hayley definately knows how to celebrate a birthday that's for sure!

the other things we decided summer needed was a trackie and a pair of comfy runners. i buy for fashion (i'll admit it), and my partner buys for comfort. so combining the two together, we came up with 5. minti trackie and 6. puma flipper high tops. i couldn't be more happier with this little get up! and then the other thing i have been pondering on is 7. oomoo kids balance bike. it says for ages 2-5, but i'm being very practical and thinking summer is just not going to be ready for this at age 2. what do you think? have you seen or got one of the balance bikes? i'd be really interested in some feedback on them. i'm thinking this bike might get pushed to the christmas wish list and we might just get her one of those $30 three wheeler bikes from toys 'r' us, you know the old skool plastic ones that we used to hoon around on? i used to have an orange and black one, these days they are pink and purple. either way, it's been loads of fun shopping for a 2nd birthday!


  1. How much fun is shopping for your little ones birthday!! I am loving the selections you have made. Just too cute.

    We brought Lucca the balance bike for Christmas last year, just after his second birthday. He absolutely adores it but is still a teeny bit too short for it. They really do need to be tall enough for them to be used, otherwise they are just not strong enough to hold it upright. I am thinking he should be right to use it properly in the next few months. It does make an awesome birthday/Christmas present though!!

    Good luck in making up your mind and have a wonderful time planning Summer's Birthday Bash.


  2. Gorgeous gift ideas Bec! If you're after a 3 wheeler what about the Radio Flyer trike in retro red? We got Poppy one for her second birthday and she still uses it now. I think Hayley had a pic of Keely on one not long ago...

  3. i love love the minti trackie ! think i will have to get one for Maxibon (in blue) ! PS love your new profile pic on here, its so gorgeous !

  4. thanks for your comments ladies! and sarah, i am also loving your blog pic of you and the boys, you are all so beautiful!
    i had thought about the trike too... might have to take a trip to pac fair and test some out i reckon!