Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer leonie :: you make me proud

being able to stay at home with my first child and watch her grow into a little girl has been an amazing experience. i had summer when i was 30. i always wanted to be a mum since i knew what being a mum was. i am the eldest of 20 cousins, our ages now ranging from 12 months to 32 years, so i have been around babies all of my life. i used to help out whenever i had the chance; changing nappies, feeding the bottles, walking the pram and just playing the mum. it's funny how life pans out, i thought i would be a mum a lot earlier than age 30, 30 seemed such an old age back in my youth days (hehe)! i of course wouldn't have my life any other way, i loved spending my 20's travelling and partying, and i now love being in my 30's raising a daughter and hopefully a couple more children to come.

i sit here this morning, watching the moo (aka froggy, summer bumm and moo moo) riding her pink and purple 3 wheeler plastic bike around the house with dolly and wot wot in the back of the trailer that's attached to the bike, and i smile. this is what i've waited 32 years for!

i have completely gone off the track as to what i was actually going to blog about today, but that's ok. it feels as if since summer turned 2 this month, that she woke up one morning and could all of a sudden talk new words and recognise new things. this week she has blown me away with recognising the colour yellow. we really haven't spent loads of time going through our colours yet, we have colour books here that we occassionally grab out, but we haven't for a while. for a girl that is nearly always dressed in some shade of pink, i was pleasantly suprised that the colour yellow strikes a chord with her. either the colour or the word! as we were driving yesterday, she promptly told me that the car in front of us was yellow. yes, it was, what a clever girl. i almost pulled the car over and gave her the biggest hug and kiss. instead i gave her the biggest compliment which she thought was funny and then started showing off, pointing out a yellow bus, and later on that day, a yellow snake. i love when she learns new things!


  1. she is so precious Bec ! Can she say yellow properly ?.. jack (who is almost 4) cant say his 'l' s very well and it sounds like a 'w' instead, so when he says yellow it sounds like yo-yo, its so cute! I was cracking up laughing the other day getting him to say 'wadies wuv wollies for wunch' (ladies love lollies for lunch).
    It is amazing how they grow overnight ! XOXO

  2. hehe, that's really cute! and i also love what he said about the egg, it made me giggle when i read it! summer says lullo, kinda like low low. it seriously just blows me away the rate at which they learn around this age and up, i feel like i'm not keeping up sometimes! xx

  3. she is growing up mumma! It is so nice to see her grow up too and for you to share these moments that make you proud to be her mum. You should be proud! She is gorgeous..... my little sum sum xx