Tuesday, August 31, 2010

review this : stuck on you lunchbox & name labels

do your children have any of the stuck on you products? summer has quite a few things from the stuck on you range that she has acquired over her gorgeous little lifespan. and it's hard to say we have a favourite, because we literally use everything she has in our every day travels, but recently the latest trends lunchbox has been coming everywhere with us!

it comes to swimming lessons with all of our yummy treats and water packed inside it. it comes along with us to do the groceries, filled with all of those very important 2 year old necessities, like a squishy caterpillar toy she won at timezone and her purple beaded necklace! and just on the weekend it came along with us to afternoon tea in the yard with our narna and biccies and cups and saucers for our tea.

i'm really not sure how we survived without this handy sized lunchbox before now! i highly recommend it to you. the size is perfect, it's 23 x 20 cm, so it's not too small, it fits in a drink bottle gorgeously, and it's not too big to cart around either. it has a handy carry handle at the top, summer carries it herself, an easy to open zip around the edge, a mesh compartment on the top inside lid and it's all easy to wipe clean. you can choose a sweet design to have on the front with your childs name printed on the design, we of course chose the owl design {totally loving owls}. and... the price is only $29.95. love that.

the other little goody we got were the latest trends name labels. we got these ones in the caterpillar design, because i can't have absolutely everything in owls now can i! you get 50 stickers for $29.95. if you've never used the stuck on you stickers, then you are in for a treat. just like their slogan says, labels that stay stuck, and that they do! name labels are always handy to have in the drawer, i love them and i stick them everywhere. i think it's just a really cute touch to put a little name label on a lunch bag. i really want to buy some in my partner's name and pack him off to work with name labels all over his lunch. hehe!

there is an art to pouring the perfect cup of tea. and i think my daughter just about has it down pat at the age of 2; tongue and little finger all in correct positions!


  1. What a pretty looking pink lunch box, the labels are very cute. Your pictures are beautiful, she's adorable!