Friday, April 15, 2011

loving : peter alexander family onesies

i can't help it. i love them! i love them for my daughter, i love them for me and i love them for my partner {who is absolutely refusing to even try the mens one on for me! i think he's scared i'll snap a quick phone pic of him in it!}.

either way, this is what i'm loving this week!

{note : the above designs are in store but they don't seem to be online}


  1. They are cute but I have one concern - what about going to the toilet! I don't wanna get cold everytime I have to go! Trust me to be thinking about something like that! ;) xx

  2. Oh too cute!! My sister bought jammies like this when she first moved to Wintery Bowral 12 years ago, her husband loathed them too!! They are a bit long john-ish for men, can't imagine my husband wanting to wear them either, unless he's on one of his ice climbing adventures. Totally cute for children, i think all 4 of mine are too big now, sigh. Love Posie