Wednesday, September 7, 2011

review this : myrtle & tuppence night night sleep tight + crusty coconut

do you have a couple of items for your baby that you couldn't imagine living without? the ones that you suggest to other mum's when talking about your babies? well get ready to add 2 more awesome products to that list! if you haven't already discovered myrtle & tuppence, do read on...

i'll start first with the night night sleep tight lotion. i'm a firm believer in a night time routine. i used a night time oil on my first baby and she was always an excellent sleeper, sure she woke up during the night for breast feeds, but was always happy to go straight back down in the cot and settled herself well. i believe the oil i was using back then played a vital role in her sleep. the first couple of months with my second baby were quite full on, with lots of wind issues and what i thought was going to be a cat napper. 6 weeks in and still trying to find our new family groove, which now included a toddler, i realised i wasn't following a night time routine. i'll tell you right now, i was finding it hard to find the time to cook dinner let alone have that beautiful spare hour of bath and massage time for the baby like i did with my first {poor second child right?!}. once i realised i wasn't doing the same things that seemed to worked for my first {night time cream and music playing sweetly as she lay down to rest}, i was straight onto the internet to see what new products were about. and that's where i found the myrtle & tuppence website.

the night night sleep tight is as it suggests, a lotion for restless babies. ingredients are chamomile, mandarin and lavender essential oils in a plant derived base lotion, citricidal. i definately smell the lavender scent firstly, and then the mandarin and chamomile hit your nose and give the lotion a slightly fresh scent. it's really quite nice. you don't need a lot of cream, which means the bottle will last a while, i pump out 3 squirts {as below}, rub together on both hands and use one hand to massage onto the chest and the other hand for the back. the cream, along with a couple of other practices put into place {that music cd i was talking about and the love to swaddle up wrap}, have made our bedtime routine for frankie hassle free and pleasant. coincidence or not, the first time i used the cream i got a 7 hour sleep from frankie. that might not sound much to some, but for us, it was heaven. i've also been known to pin my toddler down and smother her in the cream aswell! worked a treat the first couple of times i caught her, but she's onto me now and runs away when she see's me rubbing frankie with it!

now the other product is the crusty coconut. this oil is fantastic and if your child has cradle cap that you are trying to get rid of, seriously grab yourself a bottle of this magic lotion. both of my kids have had cradle cap, frankie much worse than summer's. the baby oil wasn't seeming to work too well on frankie's, i felt it was drying her head out too much. so i saw this on the myrtle & tuppence site and didn't even hesitate to grab a bottle to try. glad i did, it has worked a treat! i tried to take some before and after shots but they didn't turn out too clearly, so you'll just have to take my word for this one! ingredients are coconut oil and rosewood essential oil, citricidal. the rosewood is quite a strong pleasant smell and that's what i smell straight up with this. you rub the lotion onto baby's head and leave it for half an hour and then wash off as normal. i done this every second night, for 5 sessions and the cradle cap was mostly gone. she just has one small section of cradle cap left on her soft spot, which obviously i am very gentle around, but i don't participate it being there after the next couple of doses. fantastic product, i'm extremely happy with the results we got for frankie and definately recommend it to my mum friends!

i think the main thing with baby products is to not be skeptical and give a product a go. it may just change your routine around for the better! the night night sleep tight cream is $9.50 for 100ml and the crusty coconut {clean my coconut} is $9.00 for 100ml. postage is $5 and to order you enter your details through their website and the girls will call or email you to arrange payment.

myrtle & tuppence

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