Friday, May 4, 2012

stepping out

i remember when i was pregnant with my second child, loads of mum's told me that it's much easier second time round. mmm... that hasn't been the case for me. so not the case. the last 12 months has been a long road, adjusting to the multi tasking of two beautiful children and a household, myself and a small business. i am one super organised person, and it has even caught me off guard and disorganised. it takes me approximately 2-3 weeks now to respond to a text. and only today, almost 12 months after my second baby came along, do i feel like i've caught up on the washing. the washing. one small child has thrown the washing regime waaaaaaaaay off track. but today i've caught up. i'm not even going to go there with the gardens (ha-hum, weeds)...!

my bestie goes out for a coffee every day. sometimes twice. truth be told, sometimes she even goes three times, depending on her day! it might only be a takeaway, or she may sit in. but this is her thing, the thing she likes to do for her. and sure, she no longer has a baby in her arms, her babies are walking and talking, more independant. and right now, for maybe quite possibly the first time yet, i miss my own independance. i miss me, i miss real coffee, i miss "having the time".

so i decided that one day a week i would go exploring this beautiful city i live in. get myself out of the house for an hour, away from the nursery and the routine, away from the chores and abc 4 kids, and into the fresh air. to go and find a place i have yet to visit. somewhere new, somewhere different, somewhere hidden. somewhere that might brew coffee, so i can skip my usual nescafe that day, and sit with my little people, sipping on awesome espresso, people watching and exploring. meeting and greeting.

so i started doing this a few weeks ago and thought i would blog about the places i have visited, and share my finds with you. i've got three to catch up on, stayed tuned...


  1. Sounds like you have had a difficult 12 months Bec. Hopefully things will start getting easier soon. V started school 2 weeks ago so i have put A into child care on Thursdays. That is MY day..... seems like so long ago since i could say that. So far i have spent my whole day on the laptop working but still..... its my day :)

  2. oh watts... I think this is beautiful.... you know that this is what makes me feel "normal" and somewhat "human" everyday. It is my thing, and I believe to have a thing that is for you, even as simple as a coffee in your hand, even if it is takeaway, will make you feel just that little better. Sometimes it will do nothing for you, and your day will be a little pear-shaped no matter what you do.

    I have also found the second time around to be quite testing. I knew what to expect, and it was only when the little ones grew up a little more that it became easier. I believe it is the sleep deprivation that hurts us. Once this goes it is much easier. Then you put up with the fighting of the little kind!

    love you big xx

  3. oh sounds lovely! look forward to reading where you visit...need some tips...x

  4. Aw, reading this makes me realise how 'grown up' my kidlets are, and how long it's been since I've read your blog! By the time your kiddies get to the age my boys are, you'll be able to look back and really appreciate all the hard work you're putting in now, and you'll be able to take a breath! Your girls are lucky to have a mama like you... don't forget it! xxooxx

  5. I hear you my dear!!
    I was told that too....that 2nd bub would be easier!!!!!! And its not true!!!
    He's easier in the sense that I am more confident in making parenting decisions and I'm a little more relaxed with the whole 'baby thing'. But...having 2 is sooooo much more harder than just one. Just getting out the door on time in the morning {and leaving the house in some form of order} is a mission. I find it quite stressful to have both kids & me fed & dressed each day lol. And the washing is ALWAYS piling up, and I'm so forgetful these days. And exhausted!!!
    I love your idea of exploring new parts of town. I can't wait to see them!!!!
    P.S. We soooo need to have our 'catch up' soon x

  6. It is not easier, its kind of harder in away, now I have 2 little people I have to get ready every day, not just the one,
    The only thing thats been easier for me is getting the girls to bed in pjs.
    & the washing I still have the folding I did a month ago on the kitchen table. =/

  7. I found my 1st and 2nd children the hardest of all It is hard to do it all and be everything to everybody all the time. Good for you for finding something you can do to break that routine that young children tend to bring about.

    Oh and I may need your tips on getting the washing up to date as mine is NEVER caught up!

    Big hugs

  8. Great plan! Got me thinking that i should try the same thing as the days just get away from me as i try to keep on top of the neverending housework and routine. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm going to try and do this too in my neighbourhood. Look forward to reading about your finds. :)