Monday, August 10, 2009

style file :: huggalugs

you can imagine my excitement when our huggalugs order arrived last week. i've been busting to try out the new legruffles on my little girl, check her out, cool or what?! (she's totally loving it too)! how do you wear them, what are their purpose, i hear you ask... wear them on the legs and on the arms, for warmth or for fun, under skirts, over pants, with your modern cloth nappies, or just for dress up's! the legruffles are super girly and come in vanilla cream, smitten kitten, so pink and funky black. but we musn't forget about the little men in our lives either, the leghuggers are a cool twist to add to your boys wardrobe, in designs like dinosaurus, jo bomber, egg head and cheeky monkey. jump on our website to see our full selection.

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