Monday, August 24, 2009

thoughts on a monday

i'm thinking about diamonds again today. a couple of my partner's mates have recently popped the question to their girlies, and it's got me thinking about when my time will come! i fell in love with the georg jensen centenary ring about, gee, probably about 6+ years ago now...! and today i still love it. we've even tried it on and i will even accept it in the platinum or the white gold if need be (i've always been a rose gold girl).

how bout this heat!! it's heading for around 30 degrees on the goldie today! it feels like it's january already! i'm loving it.

i'm obsessed with the colours yellow and peach at the moment. has to be the bright vibrant yellow, and the peach, a pinky peachy colour, soft or fluro.

i'm loving every little bit of the kids summer fashion that has been released over the last few weeks and i've already ordered in a few things for my daughter for xmas. do you think i'll be able to control myself and save them til then?! a few things i've ordered: chalk n cheese tier dress, li'l ludy swimmers, moppit playsuit and a pair of trumpette andy tracks shoes in the hot pink. love shopping, it makes you feel so great!

our mavi maternity jeans shipment should arrive any day now!! also expect to see some maxi dresses and cuffed work shorts on the website very soon!


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