Friday, May 21, 2010

iphone italk :: hipstamatic

i thought i would share some fun iphone apps with you as i find them. you may have heard of them and even have them yourself, but hopefully i can bring something new to someone's ilife with my finds! first one off the rank is hipstamatic. it is one seriously cool app, so if it's cool you're after, pull out $1.99 and get yourself this!

so what is a hipstamatic exactly? it was a plastic analog camera from the 80's that had the ability to swap lenses and take multiple film formats. apparently only 200 of these cameras were produced. whether it was a flop back then or not, i have no idea, but good on the iphone for bringing it back!

the mobile phone comes with us everywhere and i'm pretty sure more than half of us whip it out when our mini me's doing something that is just too adorable to not capture in a photo right then and there. getting tricky with your images is so easy with hipstamatic, it does all the creativeness for you. the basic pack gives you 3 lenses and films and 2 flashes to mix and match together. there's lots of vignettes, blurring, saturation and discolourisation when you mix the films and lenses. my favourite combo is the john s lens with the ina's 1969 film. gives me that 'old photo that's been in nan's old photo album for a hundred years' feel, i love it. what do you think?


  1. oh I am so glad you love your new app! I am also loving the jamie oliver 20 minute meals..... worth it! I actually bought this one on special, but I have cooked 3 meals already and only had it for just over a week. beautiful images! x

  2. I agree . . . found this app to be fun as well.

    BTW, there's lots of great kids apps out there you might want to check out for your little one. An ideal one-stop shop is (includes a wide variety of educational apps from various developers).

    Too, hope you check out the classic interactive educational stories by yours truly . . .

    If interested, I'll be happy to send you a promo code for our newest app (ABC Book of Funny Animals,

  3. i'm not a fan of the kitchen hayley, but i think i will have to get the jamie app, might make it fun for me?!

    thanks for the links jennifer, off to suss them out now =)