Monday, May 24, 2010

lego :: cooler than ever

recently my brother was reunited with his old lego he had as a kid. he was given a box, a massive box, of lego and instructions and even some of the technics stuff he collected too. as i sat there and watched my brother and his son open up the box of lego, the smiles on their faces were infectious, we all sat down in the middle of the loungeroom and fluffed around pushing pieces of lego around and reminised about what we used to build. i always built a house and would have a car. so very typical female of me, i know! i loved lego as much as my brother did, and still to this day, if i can infuse a bit of lego into my daughter's life, then i will.

when it was time to move on from the nappy bag and into a backpack, i already positively knew which backpack miss summer would be getting. a pink lego one. of course. i love carrying this around and even better (and even though it's pink), so does the dad!

i also had my eye on the cutlery set when i saw it in shop 4 kids and i completely forgot to purchase it for miss summer as part of her birthday presents. i'm thinking i will still get it for her as she actually doesn't have a matching cutlery set yet! am also thinking i might try and grab a cake/jelly/ice mould. how fun would that be? although not sure how icing a lego cake would go! did you play lego? does your child/ren play lego?


  1. lovin the lego sunnies! Keely plays with lego, not the way I used to play with it. I must say I do love having it in the house and it being part of their toy collection. It makes for great imagination.

  2. i agree. i also get to enjoy a bit of no talking time when summer plays with her lego's =) xx

  3. Funky Lego items! The eldest still loves his leg (he's 12) but the youngest hasn't really been introduced to it yet...more fun to come :)

  4. your eldest will love teaching your youngest how to play lego's i bet! xx