Tuesday, May 25, 2010

style file :: byog (bring your own gown)

say hello to the exquisite hospital gowns by byog (bring your own gown). having a baby just got even more glamourous! ok, ok, i know what you're thinking, how can labour be glamourous? well these gorgeous gowns may not help with the pain, and might even get thrown accross the room at some stage during that miraculous thing we call labour, but i tell you what, they are about to make life as a new mum (no matter how many times round) that extra bit easier. and have you feeling and looking gorgeous in all of those first photo's!

we have these fab gowns available in 3 prints (as pictured above) and in 2 sizes (s/m and l/xl). each gown comes packaged in it's own reusable bag and has a removable ribbon tie. not only are the gowns stylish and fashionable, but they're also very practical! made from 100% soft cotton, they have snaps all the way down the back for full coverage and down the arms to enable easy access for breast feeding.

but think outside the square here, these are not just for pregnant mummies, they will brighten up any lady's spirits that has to have a hospital stay.

the gowns have made it big overseas with celebrities such as gwen stefani, jessica alba, sarah michelle gellar and tori spelling all doning one.

and then we also have these super funny push out socks, which i think would make an excellent little something to give to your girlfriend when the baby news is announced!


  1. as soon as i saw this picture I recognised it from Tori Spelling's reality show.....she wore one when she went in for her caesarian with Stella. Cute!

  2. yeah, that's right, she did. i never got to watch the show, was it good? xx

  3. Wow !!! We don't have those kind of maternity yellow dresses in France, but we have the Mood kit. Do you know the Mood kit? http://www.oefshop.com
    And we also have a very french maternity independent magazine called EGG. With Rummey bears on the last issue ! http://www.my-egg.fr

  4. awesome magazine fanny! i too love rummey bears' blog, what an inspirational mum she is! thanks for your comment xx