Thursday, May 27, 2010

style file + giveaway :: she-tea

say hello to she-tea. come on over, lets meet the family...

motherhood :: a delicate blend of green tea, white tea, rooibos and peppermint in honour of laughter, tears, love and inspiration.
love :: a blend of white tea and berries created especially for you.
warrior :: an energising citrus black tea blend for when you need to go forth and conquer.
b*tch is back :: a deliciously decadent blend of caramel, vanilla and black tea to assist you in the retraction of claws.
booze hound :: when you wake up declaring "never again"... but you know you will.
scorned :: a nurturing herbal blend, lovingly combined to give you strength to tear out his beating heart.
virgin :: the perfect blend of white tea, apple and cinnamon to assist you in your endless quest for purity.
top bloke :: a good strong cuppa for a bloody great bloke.

we are really happy about the she-tea family joining our shopping site. there's nothing like a nice blend of uplifting tea to calm and give us strength to carry on. laughter in some cases is the best medicine, and with that in mind, the clever women creator's, jodie and vanessa, of she-tea have combined quirky humour with the health benefits of tea for our consuming pleasure. all of the tea canisters are adorned with prints of jodie's art work, aren't they just brilliant, they have definately brightened up my pantry cupboard!

i love the smart and funny naming so much. would anyone like a cup of the b*itch is back? hehe. they will all make for some fabulous gifts, a tin of motherhood along with a tin of top bloke would be a great pressie for new parents, and each tin is only $19.95, so doesn't break the budget.

to launch the wonderful new tea products into the world of yummy mummies (and delicious daddies), we're going to giveaway a set of 6 tins of tea. the 6 tea's will consist of; warrior, b*tch is back, booze hound, scorned, virgin and dirty hippy. to be in the running to win the set, you just need to leave a lovely comment on this post (feel free to share which tea makes you giggle or want a cup of), along with your email address. my lovely apprentice will help me draw a winner on monday. have fun giggling xx


  1. nothing is better than a good cup of tea!
    i love the artwork on the tins too! :)

  2. Oh wow, I think I need to add these to my ever-expanding tea collection, not to mention my slightly obsessive tin collection! I'd love to unleash the dirty hippy within!

  3. Love the funky names! Feeling like some 'warrior' tea for myself - bring it on!!

  4. These are sooo cool! The names are great :)

    I love the sound of bitch is back & virgin!


  5. I'd like a nice big mug of b*tch is back please! This is hilarious! Also the caramel and vanilla flavours would be delicious!

  6. what fantastically cheeky names those teas have!

  7. too funny - you'd just want it to look and laugh at the name!

  8. Mmmmm they all sound so Delicious! I would love to try them all.

  9. Id love to try the b@tch is back!
    Sounds tasty

  10. I would so love to try "dirty hippy". My partner is always poking fun of me (jokingly, of course =p) for my hippy ways so I am sure this would make him laugh.


  11. How awesome do those teas sound? B*tch is Back has caught my eye and tingled my tastebuds!

  12. just putting in an entry for amanda carruthers who has emailed me with her email address xx

  13. the winner has been drawn...

    amelia, looks like you'll get to unleash the dirty hippy within! hehe xx