Thursday, June 10, 2010

i'm a winner :: art by jaz

do you like to enter competitions? do you ever win anything? i used to be the competition queen. pre mummy. pre time poor. i even won a 0.28 carat diamond through a napisan competition quite a few years ago, that was the second chance prize, the first prize was a 1 carat! when i got the letter from napisan saying i had won... the 0.28 carat... i almost shat my pants. i thought i had won the 1 carat! but was still very happy with winning a diamond fullstop.

i've been entering and joining in again on competition and giveaway fun. and look at my latest winning, gorgeous or what! this is the work from art by jaz. i found jaz through her blog and won these through her facebook page. ahh the online world and the people and work you find, i love it. i love jaz's work, and not just because i won something either! this image below is my favourite, lurve that peacock feather. now that i have these divine prints, i don't know what i should do with them. frame and mount them perhaps? i'm trying to start on a display wall in summer's room, perhaps one can go up in that? how do you suggest i display them?


  1. so glad they arrived safe and sound! i love winning competitions. it's a rarity for me, but it's so exciting when it happens! the best thing I've won is my slow cooker! hehe. that was an online comp too.

  2. I have won a couple of cool prizes, but I must say I don't enter that many. I love the necklace I won on Kenziepoo, and I love the snotty grotty I won at mini gaga...fabulous right now for winter!

    I think you should frame the for sure. I am very much into the big eyes....both my children have them and I love how innocent her illustrations are.

    well done! x

  3. It's been ages since I won a competition, but I still try!

  4. jaz, how good is winning a slow cooker! gotta be in it to win it! xx