Thursday, June 17, 2010

iphone italk :: p tracker

while getting lost in app world, as you sometimes do, i came accross some fertility and pregnancy apps that i found kinda fun. there are a heap of free ones (i don't like to spend money on iphone apps), and this one took my fancy the most.

the period tracker lite is a very simple and very cute little app that lets you view your current and future period dates, your ovulation and your fertile days on a monthly calendar. it firstly uses a default setting of a 'normal' menstrual cycle to determine the dates of your next period and fertile days, but you can go into the settings and change the default around to set your period length and ovulation date. after you have logged in your info for 3 cycles, that's when the app will calculate an average and take it from there. you can also add moods and notes and really get into it.

the home screen for this app is of a whimsical tree with a little butterfly, and what i find the cutest is that when your fertile days are on, the tree starts flowering. a fun app to remind you of your fertile days if you are trying for a baby! did you map or take note of your ovulation when you were trying for a baby?


  1. Great idea for an app!

    With 1st baby, we fell PG on the 1st try. Lucky us.

    We are actually TTC again now. Am aware of my OV dates so this app will be good.


  2. woohoo sammy, that's super exciting! goodluck, hope the app helps, hehe =) xx

  3. I used Fertility Friend, and I thought it was really cool to get to know my cycles and the way my body was working.

    I can't wait to get an iPhone. :)

  4. it sounds really silly to have iphone apps like this to some, but it's actually quite handy and interesting! xx