Friday, August 13, 2010

style file : bella b wear

new bella b wear pieces are now available through our shopping site. whites, blacks, cobalts, tea rose pinks and stripes are dominating the new collection looks. this label is great for layering and one of the most versatile fashion labels for women. i'm going to tell you why here, and show you some images so you can see for yourself.

turn your 'normal' clothes into maternity clothes, and then back again into normal. while most of us are keeping an eye on our spending habbits, it's clothing labels like bella b wear that you need to start experimenting with, especially if you are expecting or hoping to. the label is known to have breathable and functional fashion offering unparalled comfort, durability and even a bit of sexiness {sexy is good when you feel like your wardrobe is giving you nothing but a 'daggy ol' mum' feel}. the garments are seam free so it gives you the freedom to move and also gives you support where you need it. heavens knows when you're a mum, you need clothing like this when you're doing more things like getting on all fours and crawling with the bubba, or playing cars with the little dude. the main characteristic of this label is it's unique stretch micro fibre; it is incredibly soft against the skin and just feels so divine to wear.

the latest collection reflects the demands of the modern-day woman, who wants more from her fashion; the mum who wants stylish no-nonsense fashion that reflects a fashionable edge without paying designer prices. a woman should expect her clothing to be comfortable, easy to wear, but be durable and, of course, affordable.

the bella b wear label has classic basics that lend themselves to layering. here are a few tips on how to layer {because layering just doesn't come naturally to some of us} :

: start with a fitted slip dress or tank dress as it gives a nice streamlined foundation for layering

: add some colour, it will not only lift your outfit but may lift your mood also

: push yourself out of your comfort zone, you will be suprised at the compliments you will receive for looking a little out of 'your' ordinary

: don't over think it and don't be scared to mix and match patterns {hell, it just might work}, and try some old with the new

: use pieces like a summer jacket or a knit vest, over your smock dress that's over your half sleeve tee shirt, and accessorise with boots and long chunky necklaces and scarves

: grab your sunnies and don't look back, bring some fun to your look and your day


  1. fabulous clothing, wish I had some of these when I was pregnant with my babies!

  2. it really is fabulous clothing, i am currently wearing the white draw string pants with the rouched tube. and i'm not pregnant! they are so comfy and i like that the rouching on the tube diverts the eye from my few lumps and bumps around the tummy area! =)