Thursday, September 9, 2010

review this + giveaway : marquise fundies

toilet training started in our house a few weeks ago. it was unexpected and unplanned, and as many a mum tells me, it will happen when it happens. there is not a truer sentence said in the world of parenting. is anyone else toilet training their mini me's?

we're quite big on nappy off time here. from my own personal experience, i find it's a fast way to help clear up nappy rash. so when miss 2's back teeth were giving her grief and her nappy rash started, it was off with the nappy for a couple of solid days at home. we got one of those toilet training step ladders, with the mini toilet seat attached to it, a while ago from toys 'r' us and have been suggesting to summer that she could go to the big toilet on her special seat whenever she would like to. and whilst she was having nappy off time from her rash, what'd'ya know, she wanted to hop up on her seat and do wee's in the toilet. i couldn't believe it. seems she was paying real attention to all that suggesting, and right there and then, it was obviously time to take it forward and start this toilet training bizo!

it's was all very very cute, and we were all of a sudden in the market for tiny teeny little undies. no sooner later, we got a gorgeous announcement on our emails that marquise has a brand new line of undies called fundies. so i got some in for summer, and let me tell you, they're are the cutest little things ever! they are avialable in a 2 pack for $12.95 and come in sizes 2-3, 3-4, 4-6 and 6-8. i particulary like that the label has been sewn down in these undies so it doesn't annoy the kids while they're wearing them. we did duck off to big w and picked up a pack to get us started, but they have a big tag at the back {which i thought was actually ridiculously too big in general, let alone for kids undies} and summer keeps putting her hand around, grabbing it, saying "what's that mummy, what's that". so i am loving the flat labels on the marquise fundies.

they're made from 100% combed cotton and they are fantastic quality with a great firm stretch, they're definately undies that are going to last the wash after wash they get. they're also breathable and help remove moisture away from the skin, keeping them comfy and happy to have them on. there are quite a few different designs and you can pick some up from myers or dj's.

marquise have sent me an extra 2 x 2 packs of their new fundies to giveaway to 2 of you lovely readers. i have a girls 2 pack and a boys 2 pack, and both are sizes 3-4. the girls pack are the pink and white butterfly fundies, and the boys pack are the robot and striped fundies. the robot is very cool, i like this design! if you would like to go in the draw to win a pack, you just need to leave a comment here with your name and your email address {so i can contact you if you're a winner} and state if you'd like the girls or the boys pack. good luck! i'll draw a winner out next thursday.

and please, if you have a toilet training story you'd like to share, please feel free to do so. i love hearing other mum's advice. i found that we got off to an excellent start with it all, and after a week or 2 of home training, i ventured out into leaving the house with undies on summer instead of a nappy. i think it's more scary for me than it is her! it's a long, full on process and we've taken a couple of steps backwards, but it's all perseverance, i'm sure! xx


  1. Hi Bec,
    I would love to win a pack :) - a boys pack please.
    my email is cands81[at]yahoo[dot]com[dot]au..
    Hope the toilet training keeps going along well :)
    Candice x

  2. Hello
    They look so cute :)


  3. They look gorgeous,

    I would love to win a girls pack, loooking to toilet train in the next few months... good luck with it xx

  4. Hi we'v just started toilet training to, our miss 2 love "going to the toilet" be we are yet to leave anything there.... My sister suggested to me to get some really nice undies and tell her not to wet the picture on the front...

    We would love to win the girls pack of Fundies


  5. Hi Bec
    Having trained 3 girls and now there will be 4, we have had our fair share of undies, but these are very cute. I love the elastic on the top too!! Miss Cleo would love these (in due time of course!)
    Good luck with Miss Summer and the loo!!

  6. Oh these are very cute! My little Miss 23 months (NEARLY 2!) will be toilet training in the next 6 months or so I imagine! I've bought her a potty - but so far she thinks it's more of a toy to play with and put things in! All in good time...

  7. Would LOVE to win the boys pack... super funky!! My wee fella will be needing these very soon. Pretty, pretty please.....

  8. A tip if you've got a boy ..... Try putting a ping pong ball in the toilet to help with the aim!! We'd love to win the boys pack. Lyndall

  9. Hi
    My little girl (22 months) has just done her first wee's on the big toilet, sooo proud, we would luv to win a little girls pack !!
    Thank you

  10. Hello! We would love a girls pack. Miss Lily is in the process of toilet training & it would be nice for the poor kid to have her own undies & not Pip's hand-me-downs! Pip was toilet trained at 2 - day & night & luckily we never did have an accident. I must say I think she liked having some power over us when we were out because as soon as she said she needed to go to the toilet we were off & racing! Lily has bypassed the potty - only the big toilet for her(with the little eat so she doesn't fall in!). She seems to take getting to wipe her chauchie with toilet paper as the world's greatest reward! Go figure! Enjoy the process & can I suggest some Brolley Sheets for when night training begins. I found these great with Pip! xx

  11. Hi Bec,

    I wanted to put off toilet training because of the arrival of Juliet, but my son is very interested in it none the less. I didn't think it was possible but yesterday I sat on the toile with a newborn in my arms, one twin on the potty (fully dressed) and the other twin handling the toilet paper distribution... Oohhh the joys!

    A boy pack would be lovely for my little man, his sister couldn't care less about toilets so I think it will take a while for her.

  12. hi,
    like you we bought the special ladder and have nappy off time every day my boy of 29 months sits on it all the time and makes a noise like sshhhhsssshh pretending to wee and using loads of toilet paper! we still have not left anything in the bowl. Would love to win a boys pack they look very cool.

  13. Would love to win some girls ones.
    My 2.5 year old has been toilet trained since 26months & I find that childrens underwear either loses the elastic stretch or are not very fitting at all!

    samanthacairns15 @ gmail. com

  14. i've drawn 2 winners out girls - thanks everyone for entering! winner of the boys pack is lyndall and winner of the girls pack is kristy - congrats ladies!! xx