Thursday, October 28, 2010

guest post : heidi from miss fit's baby boot camp

last friday i finished my 6 week course with miss fit's baby boot camp. man it was good, i actually enjoyed every session i had. our trainers, heidi and tara, were very informative, helpful and fun. the mum's i met were lovely and so friendly. i never once tried to think up an excuse not to go {i used to do this when i had gym memberships}, maybe it was because it was set at the beach, maybe it was because my head was in the right frame of thinking, maybe it was because summer asked me every day if we were going to exercises today. she loved it too!

i have asked heidi to guest write for me today. i think very highly of heidi and her advice and supervision to me during the course has been vital. thanks heidi xx

Hello my name is Heidi of Wholly Fit Personal Training and as I live and breath health and fitness and have no difficulties with motivating myself to exercise and eat healthy, my purpose it seems is to share my motivation, energy, knowledge and experience with those that struggle.

I have recently moved to beautiful Burleigh Heads to live my dreams and be by the beach. I still run a successful business up in Brisbane but I am also starting my business down on the Gold Coast.

So that you know a little bit about me, I come from a long competitive sporting background with my biggest sporting achievement being an Australian Title in Body Sculpting. I am not telling you this to brag, but to let you know that you are in the hands of one that has tried and tested and studied and sacrificed and therefore know first hand what it takes to have the body of your dreams which is what I can share with you.

In knowing how hard an industry it is here on the Gold Coast I thought the best way to get noticed was to bring the very successful and ever growing Baby Boot Camps down from Brisbane. I have teamed up with my good friend Kate Beeley, owner of Miss Fit PT and Baby Boot Camps in Brisbane.

The Baby Boot Camps are for those Mums that are a minimum of 6 weeks Post Baby and need help in getting their bodies back to where they want them to be. We go over and beyond any other Boot Camp in that not only do we specialize and focus on Mums and Bubs but we make you accountable to us, by keeping a journal of your experience. You are given written dietary advice and guidance from a nutritionist specifically designed for you as a Mum. There are, before and after strength and fitness tests, girth measurements recorded, and you are encouraged to stay focused and healthy through your goals, journals and an accumulative point based reward system. Giving you not only the rewards of your goals but a prize at the end!

The best part of it all is that you don’t have to worry about baby sitters and not having quality time with your little ones. Nor do you have any more excuses to find time to exercise, as you bring your babies with you and exercise with and around them.

We are slowly getting Baby Boot Camps off the ground and are now in our second 6 week intake. This is where I met the lovely Bec Watts of Yummy Mummies and her beautiful little mini me “Summer”.

Bec has invited me to write on her Blog giving you some expert advice when it comes to exercise and nutrition, so stay posted for the next installment “The Good and Bad Exercises 6 weeks post baby” due soon. In the meantime why not log onto and grab a spot for the next up and coming Baby Boot Camp (which starts this Monday).

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