Tuesday, February 1, 2011

today i am thinking about...

pink diamonds : cyclone yasi : new stock due to arrive on the website {shabby chic aprons, hair clips, winter clothing} : exciting things that are happening for a few of my girlfriends : if something is triggering my heartburn : mum's 50th : making a vintage mobile for the nursery : magazines & advertising : taking up the 2 dresses sitting on my dining table : finding a new hairdresser : what to cook for dinner

image : yesterday summer received her new head band in the mail from tippie toes. i think it is just divine and even had a little wear myself. but tell me, please, how do i get summer to keep a head band on her head?! the record thus far is 3 minutes!


  1. Just wanted to pop in and say I think you have a beautiful blog. I'm relatively new to blogging, but love finding a good blog to read. Happy to have found yours!
    P.S. Your little lady is exquisite! That photo is simply gorgeous :o)