Thursday, October 8, 2009

doin the boo

bugaboo. the name says it all. the label has it's own cult! shopping for a pram ended up being quite an easy decision for us. i dreamed of owning a bugaboo but decided i would settle on the strider, that was until we went pram test driving. in a word - wow. the bugaboo has it all. one hand 360 degree turning circle, check. slim body width to fit through those shopping isles, check. low handle bar for us short mummy's, check. light and easy to pack in and out of the car, check. my partner was the one who suggested we lash out and get the bugaboo for all of the great benefits we saw in the pram. it was on layby before he even finished the sentence!

our daughter is nearly 17 months old and we haven't had the need to buy a stroller, she still fits into her bugaboo cameleon and will for a while yet. i have nothing but good things to say about this pram. if you're like me and get bored easy, then no worries, change the colour toppings and it's like a new pram all over again! and the accessories... cup holder, parasol, foot muff, snow wheels, breezy, sunshade and just recently bugaboo has launch its new revamped wheeled board.

the new wheeled board can be attached to the cameleon, the bee, the frog and the gecko. it makes it easy to roll with two by attaching the board to the chassis with just two clicks. the max weight on the board is suggested to be 20kg's and the rrp is around $165 and will be available in australian stores within the next few months. which means i don't have to give up the bugaboo for if and when second bub comes along. love that!


  1. The must have pram! I had the Mountain Buggy with my first and I always dreamed about having the Bugaboo. When we had my son... I went straight out and bought one. I also bought the skateboard and it is fantastic for two little ones. LOVE it!

  2. awesome. can't wait til summer gets to use the skateboard!