Wednesday, October 14, 2009

family holidays

we turned the computer off yesterday afternoon and hit the beach. ok, so it wasn't a real beach on the shore line with waves and all that. but it was still a beach! some of my family members are here on holidays so my daughter and i took the afternoon off to hang out with them at the lovely resort they are staying at. i love a beach like the ones at resorts; real sand, sun chairs, coffee shop and a lovely pool that gives you that beach feel minus the wash and waves. being on holidays is the best feeling. i haven't had a "real" holiday for about 4 years now and after hanging out with my family on their holiday, i'm now itching to plan a first family get away of our own! any suggestions on the best holiday spots when you have a toddler?


  1. I feel exactly the same way at the moment. I am desperate to get back to Kota Kinnabalu. I saw that the current issue of Mother & Baby had an article on where to go. One of the resorts in NSW looked fun for kids.

  2. kota kinnabalu? where's that? sounds very interesting!! xx