Tuesday, October 20, 2009

style file :: baby base ink

keeping in theme with my streetwear focus this week, i wanted to let you in on one of the funky new labels that will be arriving at yummy mummies upon our relaunch in a couple of weeks. meet baby base ink. funky street smart headwear for the little people in our lives. i love the by-line for this groovy label: small sizes, big personality. and these super cool hats give just that. personality! i know that most of us, at some stage or another, have searched for that piece of clothing or groovy accessory that hasn't been seen around the play ground before, something different and in trend (and especially for our boys). well guess what? we found it!

the photo above is of base, yep, as in baby base ink. a cool name for a cool baby! base's mum has made all of the designs on these funky hats herself. the detail of these designs are something else and the quality of the hats are second to none. now, i just need to find a way to make my 17 month old keep one on for longer than 10 seconds!