Monday, November 2, 2009

and the winner is...

kirsten meiklejohn! kirsten shared her gorgeous belly photo with us for the yummy tummy facebook competition we held during october. kirsten was 41 weeks + 4 days in this photo, and zach leonard was born another 2 days later, weighing 9lb 7oz! my congratulations goes to kirsten, this is such a gorgeous photo and i'm sure you have given inspiration to those who are pregnant and looking for photo idea's. kirsten has won a $75 voucher to spend in our online store.

thanks to everyone who uploaded a photo for our competition, and thank you to everyone who took the time to look through the gorgeous 31 bellies and voted, or even just left a comment. i really enjoyed this competition, being a woman and having been pregnant only once before, i found myself getting really emotional and very clucky over all of the cute bellies! it really is a significant time in a woman's life, wether you loved being pregnant or didn't enjoy it at all, it's an experience none the less. thanks for sharing xx


  1. beautiful, makes me want another baby! congrats to kirsten!

  2. i agree! i personally would've liked to be pregnant a little longer than 9 months, maybe just a month or 2 more! =) xx