Thursday, November 26, 2009

keeping it metro

you may remember my post a few months ago on the babycotpod cascara cot. no? well you best pop back and take a squiz, this bassinet/cot rocked my socks off, and i, for one, have got it at the top of my "next baby list"! i often pop into babycotpod's website, just for a look and to dream about what colour i'll get when they're released, and to my surprise, there was something new there; the metro crib! woah! how colourful and delightful is this gorgeous creation!

the metro crib was made with the not so futuristic parents in mind. as funky as the cascara is, lets be honest, it just may not fit into everyone's decor (although, in my eyes, it'd be a great starting feature to create an out of this world nursery with!). so, the metro is suitable from birth to six months and it rocks at the centre line. however, the guys are working on an option to lock it in a fixed position. it will be manufactured from a mixture of wood, acrylic and steel and be available in a number of colours. it has all the expected safety features that we need for our babies and the soft furnishings will be removable and washable.

but wait, there's so much more that these talented men are working on. there will be a larger cot based on the same styling, and get this... bedroom furniture to match!! love it!! there is no confirmed pricing yet, but the aim is to have the metro available around march next year. babycotpod, i am your biggest fan xx


  1. Hmmm should I have another baby so I can get this cot !!!! It's awsome. Love it.
    Note to self: 4 children will suffice!

  2. wow, 4 children is a pretty good effort justine! xx

  3. no no no, I am babycotpod's biggest fan!

  4. hehe! thanks for the follow =)
    it's a bit hard not to love their stuff! which is your fave? xx