Thursday, November 12, 2009

mommy & me photo challenge

i've recently started following a fab baby blog called kenziepoo, and i'm really enjoying reading rachelle's (the mum) finds and thoughts. this week she has posted a challenge, a mommy & me photo challenge. you post a photo of you and your little one/s on your blog and rachelle will pick her favourites and then post to her blog. are you a mummy, mommy or a momie? and up for a photo challenge? then i invite you also, to participate in some fun mum lovin!

this photo is of me and my daughter, summer leonie. we took this photo a few weeks back now, but it's been my favourite ever since. it totally captures summer's character and her sweet cheekyness! she is definately my mini me, although she looks a lot like her dad, every day i see more and more of me coming out in her. she loves to help with the house chores, she likes to push the pram now instead of being the one in it, she has to find her purple big beaded necklace before we leave the house, and the froth off the cappicino is no longer mine! having a baby and watching them grow and develop into little people completely blows my mind. i just love being the mum!