Thursday, February 4, 2010

the nursery fairy

when i was home for christmas, i just had to pop in and check out this divine little shop that i had seen online and heard so much about. the nursery fairy is a family owned and operated business, in my home town of wagga wagga. it came about when the owners designed a nursery for their friends as a gift back in 2002. from there, a service for designing themed nurseries and rooms in the country area had evolved. and so the nursery fairy was born.

the gorgeous little shop, aka the nursery fairy headquarters, has got all of the newest and latest nursery goodies, things for babies, things for big kids and things for the mum-to-be (i spied a cute little pregnancy journal in the shop when i called in). the nursery fairy continue to offer their decorating services, and also host baby showers either in store or out. you can even create your own baby registry and share it around with your family and friends so once baby is here, he or she can be spoiled from head to toe in nursery fairy goodies!

this was my favourite from the store, an orange fish pouf. i tried really hard to think of a way to attach it to our car so we could bring it back home, but my plan had no chance of surviving, our car was jam packed on the way back, i'm suprised we even fit ourselves in!

photo credit: skye rocket studio

along with the store, the nursery fairy has a gorgeous little blog and online store. make yourself known and say hi to jen and all of the nursery fairies.


  1. what a cute pouf! that is hilarious.... and something you could have for yourself if you were quirky and fun enough.

  2. LOL that would have been a funny site seeing the POUF attached to your car x

  3. Thankyou for your beautiful blog.