Monday, February 8, 2010

say it with momiji

it's coming up to valentines day and i love all the wonderful newsletters that come out at this time of year. momiji has thus far been my favourite, full of cute, cute and more cute! momiji dolls are small message dolls that only stand about 3 inches tall. inside each doll there is a tiny folded card for your own secret message. turn the doll upside down to find the message hidden underneath. in 2009 momiji produced a limited edition, set of 3, love dolls by malaysian artist kong soo (only 1000 sets worldwide to be precise), and although you can't purchase the set, you can purchase a single love doll from the momiji website. how bout that for a super cute valentines gift!

i gave my daughter a momiji doll for her 1st birthday. her momiji is dancedancedance, very appropriate at the time, as summer had just found her groove, so it always reminds me of summer dancing. i put a special little love note in it for her, and hopefully when she's old enough to read she will keep it somewhere safe and always have a read of my message every now and then to remind her of how much i love her.


  1. oh, bec that is so beautiful and very special. I am sure Summer will read it all the time! I love these, very cute, might have to go and get myself some! xx