Thursday, February 4, 2010

pink on display

i stumbled accross a gorgeous blog tonight and found this pretty picture in one of the posts. the blog is mimi loves and although i have no idea what is written as it's in a different language, i can still appreciate the gorgeous images she has used. there are a couple of reasons why i decided to blog this photo. the first is that i love pink. i always have since as long as i can remember. but i have found it difficult to decorate my home with the colour. most of my home is decorated with a lot of red. red highchair, red kettle, red cooking scales (and i don't even cook), red pillows, you get my drift. but seeing these kitchen stools in pink is really tickling my fancy! this area has been done so well with just a touch of pink. and those gorgeous chandeleirs! the second reason to the image is that another favourite blogger of mine, skye rocket studio, has been making the occassional post with display idea's for images. i love how this display area puts some warmth into the room with the pink. i just love it.

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