Tuesday, June 15, 2010

feel good tunes :: back and forth

do you have one of those songs that when you hear it, you cannot help but sing it, really loud? this is that song for me. it normally comes on while i'm in the car with my daughter. i sing and we both dance in our seats, with lots of shoulder moves! i love starting the days off with a good song!


  1. I heart Operator Please! They are so cute!

    I love this song too.


  2. Love this song. Don't you love it how a random song you hear on the radio in the morning becomes your theme song for the day?

  3. Hey there Bec, my kids always love it when our favourite song is on the radio when we start the car in the morning. It sets you up in a great frame of mind for another fabulous day! Nothing like driving to school with everyone singing at the top of their voices...

  4. as long as the random song isn't an annoying one, hehe! music warms the heart =)