Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hot spot :: creative craft centre

last week we met up with some friends for a morning of craft with the little ones. you remember my super star friend, keeley from savvy mama, well she finds the best places around town to meet up. i always have my mini me with me as she doesn't go to daycare, so meeting up at child friendly places is a blessing.

the creative craft centre in west burleigh is the coolest place, and done hardly any damage to my wallet. what it is, is a walk in sit down craft centre. so you literally can walk in any time during the day, no pre arrangements needed, and sit down and get crafty. we were there nice and early, when the centre opened at 9am, and let the 3 little crafterina's stimulate their minds and imagination. around the walls of the room are over 200 craft activities to choose from, so you pick your activity and take it back to the tables and start decorating.

it was heaps of fun, we were there for about an hour and a half and the whole morning only cost me $6. summer picked out a hanging board that has 2 pegs on it so we can hang up her future artwork (and other very important 2 year old stuff), then we sat down and started painting it. we don't normally get paints out at home, i find summer just a smidgeon too little yet to actually want to do paintings. we draw with pencils, play play-doh and do other craft things, so it was good for her to get down and dirty with the paints and it made our visit that extra bit special because we don't do much of it at home.

after we had finished with the paint, we sat them down in front of the fan to help them dry out, then we decorated it with all sorts of lovely bits and pieces; shells, silver and gold stars, fluffy pom pom thingy's, glitter... you name it. when i sent a picture of the finished product to summer's grandma later on that night, the reply was "what the hell is it?". hehe.

fun was had and we highly recommend the creative craft centre if you are gold coast based. for the little ones, for the scrap bookers, for the mum's and dad's, for everyone. an excellent spot to take your kids to over the school holidays too!

can you tell which one summer's is...?!


  1. how adorable! what a fun place to go. I think I would be there every week with my little creative people. thanks for sharing such a cool crafty place.

    love summer's artwork!


  2. that place looks great... next time you go... let me know - Xavier would love it ... xXx

  3. This looks like a lot of fun...will try it out next time I am on the coast. Thanks for the tip and I love what you are doing!!!

  4. thanks ladies, and yes danni, would love to meet up with you and your littlest man! sarah, your blog is also fab, loving your images! xx

  5. This looks great, we will definitely be trying it out!