Tuesday, June 8, 2010

review this + giveaway :: chooks in stilettos

with a title like chooks in stilettos, i knew this book was going to have a few chuckles in it! carolyn donovan (aussie model, mother and observer of everyday life) has written a book that gives an honest look at the glamorous side of life. this is one funny read and not only did carolyn send myself a copy of her book, but she popped in an extra one too, so i'm giving the extra one away to one of you!

the book is a crack up, there were multiple paragraphs that made me giggle, like this one ::

"my mummy uses those to bath us with," my pre-schooler daughter announced to the man brandishing a pair of barbecue tongs in each hand as he turned sausages at the school fete's burger grill stand. a quick glance either side of me reveals that i am the only adult she could possibly be referring to. my mouth opens and closes a few times. a long pause hangs heavily in the air. "once!" i stammer in defence. "... and only because i was covered in fake tan!"

it's a funny take on the life dealings of carolyn's modelling career, family life and everything else in between. carolyn not only entertains us with the words of an industry insider, and shares with us some clever tips, but links us together with the many-sided scenarios of being women! she writes amazingly well and any woman will enjoy reading her book, i know i did.

if you would like to win a copy, just leave a comment below and your email address (if you prefer to not leave your email address public, just send it to me in an email info@yummymummies.com.au, just so if you win it i can contact you). i'll draw someone out from a hat this friday. if you don't want to bother about trying to win one, you can pop over to carolyn's website and grab yourself a copy.


  1. Sounds funny - I'm always up for a good laugh so count me in!


  2. Sounds like a good read!


  3. what a funny book! any interesting and different approach to parenting is fun; one that makes you laugh is always a bonus! xx


  4. It sounds like it would be a great read, I love the 'bath' comment - kids are so candid and can come out with the funniest things sometimes (leaving us feeling highly embarrassed)!


  5. Love it! sounds like a very good read!! Could always do with some good laughs!


  6. how cool is the name sounds great i'm up for it


  7. Sounds good .. danni@vividpink.com.au .. Thanks Yummy Mummy hah

  8. Hehe sounds like a great book...!!!

  9. Ooh sounds funny!!

  10. just putting down an entry for simone who emailed me to enter (she didn't want to leave her email).

    about to draw a winner now...

  11. whilst shaking everyone around in a hat, a winner jumped right out and onto the floor...

    danni robertson! woohoo! looks like it's feet up with a funny book for you. congrats =) xx