Monday, June 7, 2010

wanted :: shoe booth

like loads of other women, this weekend i put on my heels and went and watched sex and the city 2. i don't know what was more exciting, having some adult time without the mini me, the actual movie or meeting the babooshoe booth! i didn't actually notice the shoe booth first, my partner did, bless his soul. sitting right alongside the coffee van was this gorgeous black glossy cupboard with one gorgeous pair of hot pink heels in it. instant love. oh how i want one of these!

since moving to queensland and becoming a mum, i have to admit that my heels ever so quickly got ditched for the havaianas. i just felt really out of place wearing my heels to the beach, hehe. and then being mum is much more easier in thongs and flats. but 2 years on, and after watching satc2, i'm feeling an urge to find the old me, an urge to reinvent myself. i looked around at my shoes sitting on open racks at the bottom of my cupboard, dust settled upon most of them, crying for attention! i decided i definately need one of these glamourous shoe booths. not just for me, but for my shoes. they deserve better.

i think i am leaning towards the black. looks so sleek. the smaller shoe booth is named the carrie and it holds 25 pairs plus bags and boots. the taller booth is the imelda, which holds 55 pairs plus bags and boots. which one would you need?

the booths are designed by an australian woman, they have tinted glass, lights, remote, thick rods, angled shelves, movable shelves and sliding doors. check them out for yourself!


  1. argh ! that is SO cool ! me want one !!

  2. You actually got your partner to SATC2? Crazy!!

  3. I am not a shoe girl... sad but true. I am the connies in winter and the havianas in summer girl. I could see how this would be such a cool piece of furniture in the bedroom. I think my little one is leaning towards being a shoe girl. She would love to have her glass slippers on display!

    I go to sex and the city next week with a bunch of girls. I cannot wait!!


  4. i think the excitement of going to the movies fullstop was enough convincing! we rarely make time for such luxuries these days!

    and yay hayley, sounds fab!! xx