Thursday, November 4, 2010

iphone italk : little crew

you may have seen this cute little bird flapping his wings around the place lately. he is the mascot for a cute iphone app called little crew. i don't know about you, but i am a sucker for anything that looks gorgeous, is fun, and has anything to do with kid's shopping. if you're the same, you're going to love little crew. at the moment the app is free, so grab out your phone and look it up, or click on the image above and grab it from itunes.

peta is a mum of 3 and the woman behind little crew. she has created an app that is "the luxe guide to children's shopping", and that it is. there are 5 categories in the app : clothes, travel, toys, accessories and featured. each product that is reviewed has been road tested personally by peta and her children.

a while ago, peta road tested our new kids tea's : the tea party and superhero juice by she-tea {and he-tea}. you can find peta's article on our tea's here.

if you're on facebook, the little crew app also has a facebook page which gives us snippets of bits and pieces that have been featured on the app. the app and page are both worth a download and a like. we recommend.

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