Thursday, November 4, 2010

iphone italk : stella mccartney kids fashion and fun

with all the hype of the stella mccartney kids launch this week, i was pleasantly suprised to see that there is a free iphone app to go with the package.

the app easily lets you browse the lookbook and see the whole collection {babies, girls and boys, 0-12}, you can view and select items and keep them in your favourites, and then when you're ready to purchase you can drop them in your shopping basket and purchase. oh my, purchasing from your iphone. how easy. how dangerous!

there's also a play section which i found a bit fun {see image above}. i also noticed there is a playground on the website aswell. i love this extra feature, it's nice to keep it real and make it fun, for the kids and the mum's! if you're into kids fashion, this free app won't dissappoint you. go grab it now!


  1. Love the new Stella McCartney range. Oh an iphone app.....yes very dangerous indeed.

  2. oh no this is dangerous! ive just downloaded the app! xO

  3. how groovy is the app?! kinda makes you wanna purchase doesn't it! xx