Wednesday, November 3, 2010

smell me yummy

do you have a signature scent, or do you like to have several scents? i used to have 2 or 3 bottles of perfumes going at the one time; one for work, one for weekends and one for going out. these days, i don't go to work as such and i rarely 'go out', and that disposable income i used to have, no longer seems to exist! so i've been a one bottle mummy for a while now.

i have just finished my bottle of fendi palazzo, and oh my i loved it. but i'm the type who likes to move on and try something different. the image above represents my 4 favourite smells; fendi palazzo, jean paul gaultier classique, chanel coco madamoiselle and calvin klein euphoria. i am considering going back to either euphoria or coco madamoiselle, as it's been a while since i've had them. i remember the days when in my lunch break i would pop into myers and try a new perfume on each arm, let them sit, then decide if they were me or not. nowadays, i don't really get to the malls that often, not when most of my shopping is done online.

i saw over on good mum hunting a few suggestions, and i had lots of lovely suggestions on our facebook page too - like gucci guilty, chloe love, marc jacobs daisy - all of which i made a special little trip to the myer perfume counter and tried on, but just wasn't totally grabbed by any, if you know what i mean? i did try jil sanders jil, it was ok, again though, didn't grab me.

what do you currently wear? what would you suggest i try next?


  1. What! You didn't try either Madamoiselle by Chanel or Agent Provocateur?!

  2. hehe, clare, i forgot all about agent provocateur - will def try that one next!! i'm having one more attempt, then if no success, have decided it will be coco madamoiselle! =) xx

  3. Marc Jacobs is a safe bet. Gorgeous bottle and amazing scent.

    I was recently given CK Euphoria and it's very sweet and summery. Might keep that one at the beach house for hot summer nights.

    My sister wears Agent Provocateur and it's very sexy.

    Also, any of the Jo Malone scents are amazing. Highly recommend them :)

  4. hehe, euphoria is def a beach house kinda smell! xx

  5. I love Marc Jacob Daisy the way it smells so fresh & is so strong.

  6. i love strong smelling perfumes that stay on all day. must try daisy, thanks victoria xx