Thursday, February 9, 2012

review this : weil baby training cup

sitting in my review box has been the weil baby drinking cup. at the time, neither of my mini me's were at the right age to complete the review, so this time the review was done by tiny tester lulu. lulu's mum is wrapped with the weil baby cup, and 5 months on, the cup is still in mint condition with no leakages and the teat still in perfect shape. here is what trina shared with us :

“Having 2 little girls, I have tried so many sippy cups etc in the past, but the weil cup by far has been the best! I love the little handles on the side for an easy grip, and also how it doesn’t leak when thrown on the floor etc, like most of them do. I would certainly recommend it, definitely no complaints here!”

unfortunately production has now stopped for this range, but you can still find the odd cup or bottle around on a few websites at discounted prices. we found a few pieces at avidiva and gifts 4 kids, starting around the $10 mark. big thanks to trina and lulu for testing out this product!

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