Monday, February 6, 2012

wearing : the belted scarf

have you tried belting your scarf? it's such an easy and effective fashion trend that can just pop that every day outfit and give it a bit of jous. there are endless options on how to belt a scarf, from silky leight weight scarves in the summer, to thick lucious woolen ones in winter. you can wear it basic and long like i have here, you can loop it once or twice around the neck to bring the height up and give you more neck coverage, skinny belts, thick belts, you get the drift!

i particulary find this look useful while i'm a breast feeding mumma. here i wear the lilly b nursing tank in white, so i have instant access to my feeding aparatus. i actually unclip my belt and my scarf is wide enough to cover my baby and discreetly feed her. i drape my scarf around my neck for this reason, and also because this gives me an elongated look {aka - makes me look taller when really i'm not}.

it still looks great from the back, the belt doesn't look too out of place. i'm digging this look. do you wear it? will you try it this year? i wear :

scarf : one red hen
belt : op shop
jeans : country road