Wednesday, February 1, 2012

yummy mummies has checked in to : her blog

yep, at long last, i am feeling "back into it". back into business and back into the blog. i've been all caught up in our new baby bubble here, i've hardly had a spare minute to even look at my blog, let alone log into it! but you don't need me to tell you how busy life is, cause you've got your own going on too.

children are the absolute best and most fun time wasters there are. i love it. i love being the mum. i may whinge about being tired, it's true. i may be off in tired fairy land, that's true too. even this morning, i paid for my "quick shop" at coles, and headed off with both girls sitting in the trolley, but forgot to collect my 4 grocery bags. i'm tired, it's true. but i still love it. i love being the mum of my two little people. the boss. the mum.

i've got so many idea's and stories i want to share with you this year. i've got loads of product reviews coming up, some fashion tips and how-to-wear idea's, new winter stock to tell you about, and some changes happening to our shopping site also.

i might be a month late, but here's to twenty twelve. i hope YOUR twenty twelve is filled with awesomeness. check you back here soon x

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  1. Reading this encourages me to think bout having my own little family.
    Some people are very negative bout the whole experience and it dose scare me.

    You are a great little mumma bear and I hope I'm as good as you when my turn comes.
    Cheers A-Rae xxx