Monday, January 4, 2010

bye bye 2009

it may be the 4th of the new year, but today is my reality that 2009 is now behind us. i had an amazing year watching my first child grow into a gorgeous little toddler, and i also began my wahm journey with yummy mummies & mini me. i met some wonderful people in 09, whether it be in the flesh or through cyber space, some wonderful friendships have been formed.

2010 is already exciting. the seeds have been sown, our website has been re-designed and re-launched. we have new labels on board now and will continue to introduce more throughout the year. we will extend our own maternity label, lady bump, even further with new designs. we hope to find more facebook friends so we can continue to chit chat with other mum's, dad's, aunties and everyone in between, learning and taking what we want from each other's advice. and for our blog, we introduce a new sponsors section, so be sure to visit these awesome websites and learn a bit about what it is they have on offer.

for those of you expecting this year, congratulations and may you enjoy your pregnancy. and for those of you with children already, good luck with your journey. for everyone else, all the best for the year that has started! mwah xx