Friday, January 22, 2010

review this :: back to school with stuck on you

i am a bit of an organised person and i just love stationery. so you can imagine i was thrilled to bits when stuck on you asked me to review their back to school products. i used to love january's when i was a kid. not only did i get to celebrate my birthday before going back to school, but i also got to pick out all of my books and folders and pencils and sharpeners. it was always my favourite month of the year, i loved it! i used to write my name on a skinny bit of paper, sometimes colour over it with a highlighter, put sticky tape on the top of it, and i would wind it around my pens and pencils. and that was how i labelled my things! yes, times have certainly changed!

not everyone is like me however, and i'm sure when you're a parent of one or more kids that are going to school, buying for back to school probably isn't on the top of your favourite things to do list! thank heavens for stuck on you! i am super impressed with their stylish tools 4 school pack, it's quality, designer and has everything you need. the whole pack is personalised with your name and you get a pencil case filled with a ruler, scissors, 2 hb pencils, eraser, sharpener, a set of 10 coloured markers and a set of 12 coloured pencils. this pack is $34.95. back to school goodies really doesn't stop there though, so do yourself a favour and click on over to their website. there's backpacks, lunch boxes, library bags, notepads, budding artist packs, name labels, clothing labels, shoe dots... i really can go on and on, but i'll leave the rest for you to discover!

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