Wednesday, January 20, 2010

a yummy mummy schaffa

do you remember my post about freckles the schaffas? incase you didn't, here's a quick background check on how and what the family of schaffas is...

chris edser and sam barratt from screamdance picked a bunch of art friends from all over the world to customise their own breed of schaffas. each friend was sent a similar blank shape, as per above, and given free reign to add, subtract, paint or destroy the objects as they pleased. the results were awesome, weird, wonderful, exotic and, i found myself describing some of them as, 'what the hell'! click here to see the bizarre family of schaffas that were created. after creation, the pieces were returned back to chris and sam and then exhibited at the urban cow gallery in adelaide, and auctioned off with the proceeds going to oxfam's close the gap campaign.

2010 is time for schaffas 2! and guess who's been invited to create a schaffa with a yummy twist...?! uhuh, little ol' me! i feel so privileged to be involved with the second round of schaffas, and also feel quite nervous and anxious about what i will create! will i paint it? will i make an outfit with some funky material and dress it? will it wear shoes? will they be heels or boots? will i make it weird? or will i make it pretty? i am thinking of course, that my schaffa will be expecting. will she be hormonal and have completely lost the plot with her fashion sense or hair colour? will she constantly have morning sickness and be forced to wear a sick bag necklace? or... will she be a he?!

i can see that there is going to be some exciting and crazy times ahead in the yummy mummies household through our schaffa phase, lets hope we all come out of it alive and laughing our heads off!


  1. wow....what a cool project to be involved in! are going to have fun with your schaffa... barefoot and pregnant!

    cannot wait to see her finished! x

  2. thanks hayley! i hope she turns out ok! =) xx