Thursday, January 7, 2010

found the perfect height chart

as my little poppet slowly approaches the 2 year old mark (and although i can hardly believe that), i'm a little excited to test out this double the height theory on her (i know, the small things in life excite me the most), to see if she's gonna be a shorty like her mum or six foot like her dad! so this has started a search in finding a groovy height chart for her. it didn't take me long at all, i'm totally smitten with the cocoon couture wood land height chart from bubba bling. it's exactly the style i had in mind, and much to my delight, it's even on sale! loving that! also loving that it comes with three acorn shaped pegs that you can write the kiddies names on. it comes packaged in the cutest cylinder, i'm thinking these would also make a pretty cool and different kind of birthday gift. i love it when you find what you're looking for!


  1. Hi there - loving Cocoon Couture, just ordered one of their sweet owl beanbags this week for my little girl! That height chart is so cute!

  2. oh how lovely, their bean bags are divine! just checked out your blog, it's really gorgeous! xx