Monday, January 18, 2010

review this :: mums card

what a fantastic idea a mums card is! mums are some of the busiest people there is, so why shouldn't we have our own "business card". i recently received my own cards from the lovely tanya at mums card and i am just so happy with them. the cards come packaged in a funky silver tin which is nice and skinny, so finding a spot for it in the handbag was no drama's at all. i chose single sided elephant cards with the white background, i just love these elephants to bits! i love all of the designs actually, none of them are daggy or over the top, they are nice, simple, stylish and colourful. and so damn handy!

i think these would make a wonderful baby gift, i would have loved to receive them anyway. they are an awesome way to give out your phone number at any kind of mother's meeting groups or events. a great way to keep in contact with new mum friends! also great to leave with the babysitter or nanny, i even popped the dad's contact number on our cards, for just incase i'm out of reach. there are loads of ways to use mum cards, and not necessarily just for the mums either. pop on over to the website and see some of the idea's for yourself. you'll be glad you clicked!

i am also hooked on the gift tags. a birthday card is always lovely, but seriously, we mostly just throw them into the recycling bin a week later, don't we? with the fun designs you have to choose from, you'll be hooked too. very 2010.

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