Friday, March 26, 2010

after a maternity bargain?

the best thing about old season stock is that you can score yourself some great bargains! sure, they might not be the current look of the moment, but if you're clever enough you can mix old with new, go to town on the layering and create a unique look that spells out you. y. o. u.

some of us are reluctant to spend money on maternity clothing, especially a lot of first time mummy-to-be's, and hey, me included! you try and get away with what you can for as long as you can, and then when you really do need clothing that fits, you find yourself thinking, well i only have 7 weeks to go, there's really no point in buying anything now. but you're feeling uncomfortable in your clothing, you might be feeling like crap, your skin is breaking out and you're hormones are through the roof. the last thing you want to be is uncomfortable! maternity clothing is made to grow with your expanding tummy, so once you can't button the top of your favourite jeans up, then this is the time to grab some maternity pieces. you will thank yourself in the coming months. and if you can give yourself some retail therapy and grab some super bargains, then happy hormones will be coming your way!

a few of the pieces we have big discounts on are... ripe harley jeans $30, metalicus bodytight cami $10, ripe belted skirt $25, hotmilk undies $5, belly basic 3/4 sleeve tee's $5, soon melbourne cuffed dinner shorts $30. the list really does go on. we also have a couple of dresses that are half price, like the top picture of the lilly b dreamy duo twist dress which is now $64.95 and a gorgeous pink and orange floral ripe satin dress for $89.95. do pop on over to the site and check them out for yourself xx

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