Monday, March 22, 2010

style file :: rosie roo

gumboots are the new black. didn't you know?! and with bright, bold, fun designs making their statement loud and clear, we thought it was only fit that yummy mummies jumped upon the gumboot train so we could offer our gorgeous customers more than just maternity and children's clothing. toot toot! we welcome onboard, rosie roo gumboots (or wellies, or rain boots, or whatever you like to call them)!

a local mum by the name of jacqui wallbank is the wonderful woman behind the label. she has made women's gumboots that are comfortable, affordable and even a bit daring for some of us. the classic knee length boot is handmade from the highest quality natural rubber, so you won't find cheap synthetic rubber in any rosie roo gumboots. they are screen printed and are cotton lined throughout to ensure comfort. they have a 2.5cm rubber lug sole with an adjustable buckle at the side to create a slim line look. and they are, of course, waterproof. we have 8 different styles in the women's range and you'll find them varying from sizes 4 - 12, for a reasonable $85. my fave? jazz (top picture) and abby (below). but do pop on over to the site and check out the other 6 designs.

however, it doesn't stop at women's gumboots. rosie roo kids wellies are a newer line from jacqui and they are just as comfortable and fun as the women's. they are made from the same high quality rubber and cotton lining and insoles, and come in 4 different designs, ranging from sizes 6 - 12, with a cool price tag of $35. these little rocket lace-up's are the cutest gumboots i have seen yet! you can see the other 3 here.

so, if the music festivals are your thing, then now's the time to get organised and glammed up in your boots, and if you're taking the kids too, then gear them up with a pair aswell! or it might be the muddy paddocks, or doing the gardening, walking along the beach, or just splashing around with your mini me's that's more your scene. whatever it is, make your statement with the kids this autumn/winter in rosie roo.


  1. love them..... I am jumping into a pair of gumboots this winter; jumping in puddles with my little ones is going to be fun!

  2. i am picturing the 3 of you jumping around in puddles, how fun! xx