Monday, March 8, 2010

our sydney weekend

last weekend the family and i headed to sydney so that i could attend the kids in style trade show. this was my first kids/life in style viewing and i really enjoyed it. later on this week i will introduce a few new labels to you that we have picked up from the show.

we turned the weekend into a mini getaway and met up with my sister-in-law and her family and took the kids to taronga zoo. i love this age summer is at, where she can place the right word to the right object. i’m sure she was a bit overwhelmed by the zoo at the time, and when we got home and uploaded the photo’s she was right there smiling, pointing out and naming her favourite animals. these were the ‘raffe’ (giraffe), the ‘monking’ (monkey) and the ‘meow meow meow’ (mere cats). how hilarious are those mere cats, i could've stayed there for ages watching these funny animals!

it's been such a long time since i've been to sydney, i used to visit there a lot in my mid 20's, but now it just doesn't seem to be a place i pencil in to visit. i really enjoyed the city life for the weekend, even with a toddler! i love eating out for breakfast, that's my favourite part of getaway's, and we done just that. we also done a bit of people watching too. ok, we may have done a lot of that! i love seeing what people wear in the city, there are so many different looks, i love getting idea's from them! and the shoes. i love the shoes. i had promised myself i wouldn't make any purchases, and (much to my suprise) i refrained from buying the hot pink converse high tops and these funky pair of sock thong thingy's (thought they'd be kinda cool for gold coast winters). i love watching the buskers perform too, there is some serious talent on the streets and it's always nice to stop from all of the walking we do for a minute and watch these guys do their thing.

summer was really good considering she didn't get to have her daily nap each day. this was the first time we had flown with her. she hated coming down in the plane, her poor little ears must have been hurting because she cried both times. now that we've had a little weekend away, i'm already thinking about when i can do it again. i'm thinking maybe melbourne next time, perhaps for the kids in style show later in the year, or for a trip to the footy even!


  1. oh what a lovely weekend you guys had! Nice to see poppet loved her trip to the zoo.

    it was nice to meet you! xx

  2. Sounds like you had a great time Bec. I wish i had made the trip to Sydney for KIS as well, but maybe Melbourne instead so i can go to the footy as well :-)

  3. let me know if you do go raegan!

  4. I love all these photos Bec!! xx