Tuesday, March 16, 2010

style file :: baybo

street wear. i love it. now don't get me wrong, i love ruffles and lace and angels wings too, but there is something about a street wear look that creates total uniqueness. jeans are always a great starter for a street wear look and probably something we all have in the wardrobe. so from there is easy because it's all tee's and accessories!

baybo has designed a wicked range of tee's that will help complete the street wear look for your mini me, and i am happy to announce that baybo is now being stocked in our online store. i am personally loving the ami winter tee - japanese style infused into a long sleeve tee. this is going to be one of my daughter's winter wearables once the cooler weather works it's way up north.

of course, the baybo branding has a lot more than tee's. they have created hair snap clips, awesome girls leggings with a very cute bubble dress to wear with, a range of juice products which include shampoo, conditioner, hair styler and so yummy you'll want to eat it bubblebath, and even some pj's to keep it all happening in the evenings.
we have all of our baybo items online, so cruise on over and check them out for yourself.


  1. I absolutely LOVE Baybo .. their products are even cuter in person, their new range of hair products smell divine & I want to wear the hair clips myself !

    Katherine of The Savannah Room x

  2. hi katherine, thanks for your comment! they are awesome aren't they. the good thing about being mum is that you can get away with wearing the kids stuff! so i say go for it, wear it the clips! hehe xx