Tuesday, March 2, 2010

who's space :: little pinwheel

over the course of starting my blog and relaunching yummy mummies, i have met some really lovely ladies and hayley from little pinwheel is one of those ladies. i started following the little pinwheel world almost a year ago, and the blog address immediately worked it's way into my morning web checks, almost to the point that i was feeling like a stalker! well that stalking has now turned into a cherished friendship between hayley and myself, and today i want to share with you a little peak inside the world of little pinwheel.

i look at the little pinwheel work space, and then i look around at my yummy mummies work space. hmm... am thinking i should spruce mine up a little and give it some attention and love like hayley has for hers! i have a thing for chairs and i love love love hayley's funky harry bertoia chair. don't you think it really sets the statement for the little pinwheel work space? and how god damn cute are those animal shaped elastic bands, they are definately over the top but completely awesome!

hayley is a fantastic writer and has a wonderful blog that i invite you to check out and follow. she writes from the heart and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. she writes a 'people watching' column on wednesday's that i find so interesting. in fact, every day hayley always seems to find great things to write about, be it her online store, her life as a mum, her life as a woman, or the amazing photography that she captures and shares with us. if you aren't already following hayley's blog, do pop over and check it out, it will definately put a lovely spin on your day, just like it does mine!