Thursday, September 24, 2009

style file :: quack maternity

quack maternity has designed a super stylish range of breastfeeding clothing that has revolutionised the way we breastfeed today. they are so stylish that i've even had non pregnant ladies buy them because they are on trend and just super comfortable. the elastic ruching at the sides of each garment gives you the stretch you need whilst your belly grows, and the quality and blend of viscose and lycra that quack uses feels soft and delicate on your skin. it really is an experience to wear.

when shopping for maternity clothing, versatility is key. you may want to invest in a few pieces of clothing that are suitable for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond. establishing breast feeding may be one of many challenges you may face when becoming a new mum, and if you have the right clothing ready on hand for when that time comes around, it might just make it a little easier to meet baby's needs without showing any more skin than you want to. quack's design makes it easy to nurse, you just lift up the top layer of fabric under the bust to access discreet nursing openings to feed your baby. my favourite part of the quack range is the cute little signature duck that's printed on the underneath panel so that when you lift up to feed, baby has something to look at.

you can browse our range of breastfeeding tops here along with many other fab pieces of maternity clothing.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

baby's first credit card teether

heelarious brought to us her first high heels; soft crib shoes for infants 0-6 months. then came out the cowboy boots, complete with spurs and all. and just when we think we've seen it all, out comes baby's first credit card teether; a 100% non toxic silicone teether that's of course bpa and phthalate free, with a bumpy texture on the back of the card to help sooth baby's gums. love it or hate it, it's definately a subject supporting a lot of controversy. heelarious came from two mum's that are childhood friends, one who had a complete high heel obsession, the other not knowing if she even owned a pair. reminiscing about heels and talking about kids parties, they joked about how hilarious it would be if they took their baby to a party supporting a pair of heels. and then it was born. heelarious.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

an apple a day

i love that my daughter is loving apples at the moment. as soon as she hears the fridge door open, there's the pitter patter of her feet on the tiles, and she's there, into the crisper and helping herself to an apple. with a sense of satisfaction, biting into the apple she's just scored, she toddles back to what she was doing and carries on. however, i later on find trails of biten off apple all through the house, or wherever we are! maybe she likes the sound the apple makes, or the freshness of it in her mouth, but just doesn't want to actually eat it! it's really cute to see my little baby grow to become so independant, especially with her foods. at 16 months old, i sometimes wonder how long it will be before we experience the age of the terrible two's... or is that just a myth?!