Tuesday, January 18, 2011

loving : valentine's day paper goodies

valentine's day makes me feel all lovey, sweet, generous and calm. or is that the second trimester hormones kicking in?! either way, it's all making me feel nice today. i'm really loving this belle & boo card for valentine's day.

i'm also adoring the love is peachy valentine printables that sarah at style me gorgeous has made. it was only last week that i was saying to my partner how clever i think my graphic designer is, and then bam, she comes out with my fave of her collection thus far!

yesterday i ordered some pink and red pom pom's from the awesome daneve at ah-tissue for a little birthday gathering i'm having on the weekend. today i'm thinking i could use the pom pom's again for valentine's day, along with these other goodies, and spoil my valentine with a yummy home cooked meal and dessert and have a quiet romantic night in. just need to find myself a babysitter...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

pregnancy diary :: 2 lines

june last year we decided to try for a second baby. must be something about the month of june, as this was the same month, 3 years ago, that we decided we'd start trying for our first. we were lucky enough to fall on the third month with our first, and wouldn't you know it, we again fell on the third month trying for our second. so it seems we will be having a little crew of two may babies. yep, mumma bear is up the duff!

i can't help but compare both of the pregnancies i have experienced, after all it's only natural to do this! my pregnancy with summer was somewhat of a breeze; i had about 2-3 weeks of light morning sickness and the usual tiredness in the first trimester. back then i was working my full time office job and only had myself to look after. i covered my nausea by eating. i craved fresh and cold raw vegies {i'm very much a raw vegies lover}; celery sticks, cherry tomatoes and v8 vegetable juice. i ate salt & vinegar chips and a can of soft drink for morning tea most mornings. before i knew it, it was over and done with and i was loving the fact i had my first little baby inside my tummy. it amazed and awed me every single day. i was proud and loving it.

this pregnancy, however, started off ever so differently... 7 weeks pregnant and oh my goodness i got hit by the nausea truck big time. what the hell. i felt sick {no, no, you're not hearing me, i felt really really really sick}, every day, all day. i'm not a spewer, have never been one to easily vomit, even after drinking, but brushing my teeth every morning brought me undone. i started wearing travel bands to ease the nausea, they worked well, until i lost one of them in dj's one day. one band just didn't cut it. i drank dry ginger ale, i ate dry toast and crackers at 4 in the morning and i exercised {which was actually a great distraction, but only while in the midst of a workout}.

12 weeks in and i was still feeling crappy, the house is out of order, my daughter has started wetting her pants again because of the lack of attention she was getting from me and i've got a back log of emails and website work to catch up on. i wanted to cry, in fact, i did cry, quite a few times. i wanted to move the 1300 odd km's back home so i had family around me, family who could take summer off my hands for a few hours while i layed on the couch and felt sorry for myself. but this wasn't going to happen, so i sucked it up and did what i could. i had a house that looked like a bomb hit it for a few months, clothes were getting washed but left in a massive pile that you had to get a pitch fork out to dig through to find something to wear, but whatever.

it wasn't like it was going to be like this for the whole 9 months. or was it...?