Friday, March 23, 2012

get out of town {quite literally}

if you've seen me about on pinterest, you'll know i go weak at the knee's for j.crew and crewcuts fashion. you could imagine my eyes popping out of my head then when today it was revealed that the fashion giant has extended it's trading to aus and asia. and hold your pants people, they are shipping to australia free of charge until the end of april. uhuh. free. international. shipping.

above are a few things for the biggest of my mini me's that have stolen my heart.

Friday, March 2, 2012

101 uses for your jellystone necklace

number 4 : try clipping it around the shopping trolley handle. guaranteed at least 10-15 minutes of non squirming out of the big girl seat during the shopping, and is sure to please those teething gums.

i may not be able to come up with 101 uses, but i can definately give you a handful of handy idea's that our jellystone designs necklaces can provide for you! and seriously, for cost of $16, these silicone pendants are worth every cent! give it a try for yourself.